Life Enriching Workshops and Retreats For Women By Women.

  • Are you feeling stressed, stuck, or unsure of your life purpose?
  • Do you wish you could clear what’s blocking you from living a more authentic and rewarding life?
  • Would you especially welcome the guidance of warm, supportive women who are expert at a wide variety of life enrichment practices?

Welcome to Discover the Goddess Within, your portal to women-led workshops and retreats that have inspired and empowered hundreds of women just like you to live the life they love. I’m Christine Richards, your host and event coordinator.

Some years ago, I came to a realization that social scientists have had for years: while groups of men tend to achieve goals through competition, groups of women tend to achieve them through cooperation.

This is why the cooperative or “co-op” model underlies all the Discover the Goddess Within workshops and retreats I create and host. Whether you enroll in a three-hour workshop, a one-day seminar, or a three-day retreat, you will always have the opportunity to learn new life-enrichment practices from a variety of expert guides in the company of wonderful, mutually-supportive women.

What ladies had to say from our last preview:

“Excellent way to get clear about what’s important in your life.”

“Inspirational and thought provoking. Thank you for a wonderful day.”

“Loved it! Can’t wait for the next program and bring all my girl friends.”

“Great workshops – sharing was motivating and the ladies were wonderful”