Black Belt Awareness

Christine has taught many women and teens how to avoid potentially dangerous situations and what to do if they found themselves in a life threatening position. She will share how not to be an easy target and how to reduce the chances of becoming a victim.

Presenter Bio:

Christine Richards has made presentations to more than 32,000 people on the topics of customer service, sales, communication and behavioral profiling. She was educated in England and has more than 20 years of business experience.

Christine holds a first degree black belt in Shotokan (Show-tow-can) Karate. She has competed in numerous tournaments and represented the women’s team for Southern England in international competitions.

Christine Richards
Black Belt Goddess

Jennifer Powers

Empowering Goddess

Jennifer Powers, MA, is a certified professional coach, speaker, facilitator and a true believer in the human spirit!
Authentically committed to the success of others, she works with professionals and individuals who are ready to create a shift and begin living and working in their true potential.
Jennifer’s professional love is empowering people to find their truths and helping them “arrive”. Witnessing this shift in people is what Jennifer strives to do again and again. Her personal vision is to facilitate the journey and arrival of 1000 amazing individuals. It all starts with one, and Jennifer believes that her life’s work is to be that one.

Kellie Grill

Happiness Goddess

Happiness Is Here—Simple Strategies for Staying Happy

Kellie Grill “The Whirlwind Woman” is a motivational speaker, author, songwriter and the co-owner of Whirlwind Publishing. She speaks on happiness, positive attitude, overcoming obstacles, conquering fear and obtaining goals. Kellie’s latest project is an audio book.

Kellie is the mother of three children and has one granddaughter. She and her husband Dave live on a horse farm in Wilsonville Oregon called Whirlwind Ranch.

Holly Duckworth

Technology Goddess

Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP is an experienced meeting professional and business leader delivering powerful business strategy insight to organizations across the US. She drives sustainable leadership, volunteer training and strategic planning for trade association and non-profit groups. She uses technology in every aspect of her busy life and she will show you simple tricks to make your life easier too.

Victor, Becca and George

Hair and Beauty

Nothing can reveal the beauty inside the soul of a woman quite like it.

Victor Hugo, his work of experience includes high-tech hair dressing and cutting among others Vidal Sasoon and Tony&Guy.

ReBecca, a fresh designer full of creativity and passion, backed by Paul Mitchell advanced cutting and coloring techniques.

Michelle Wirta

Sassy Goddess

Say Goodbye to your Saboteur and Hello to your Sassy Successful SELF.

So many of us women suffer from self doubt, even to the point that it’s been dubbed the “woman’s disease”!

Michelle’s passion is in helping women shift limited beliefs, negative thinking, and self sabotage at the subconscious level . Her specialty is working with women who suffer from self doubt and toxic perspectives and who crave a deeper sense of self acceptance and sheer life vibrancy. As a therapist, intuitive coach, and PSYCH-K facilitator she knows how to work with the blocks that hold women back from happiness and personal satisfaction in a light hearted, no-nonsense yet deeply supportive and motivational kind of way.

Julie Fast

Get it Done Goddess

Do you have trouble getting things done? Julie will show you how to get things done no matter how tough the day is going, what is happening in life, what the weather is doing outside or how you feel about your own abilities and accomplishments. In fact, you can even learn to get things done when you’re depressed! Julie has.
The truth is, you don’t have to want to do something in order to do a good job and you don’t have to always be enthusiastic and creative to be at your best. You just have to know what to DO. Julie A. Fast is an award winning columnist, popular speaker and the bestselling author of five books on mood disorders including Get it Done When You’re Depressed.

Sheri Joi

Divine Goddess

Sheri Joi is the extraordinary woman gifted in seeing the spirit within everyone she meets. This is why Sheri is passionate about connecting women with their spirit and showing them the divinity within themselves. Sheri is a cheerleader for the soul. She loves to assist others to uncover, discover and celebrate the passion within themselves and let their spirit FLY. She is on a continual search to find purpose in life and to be the change she loves to see in the world. Sheri has a vision to show women how amazing they can be by unveiling the miracles they create every day enabling them to DANCE in the spirit that is their divine right

Shell Tain

Money Goddess

Untangler, Shell Tain, is professionally certified money coach, who knows how to help people make changes. Shell knows that improving the way you are with money isn’t about number crunching. She focuses on how your feelings, beliefs and attitudes about money affect your progress in fulfilling your goals. She will help you improve your confidence and effectiveness with money. Discover the way out of your money knot.

Allison Clarke

Impressive Goddess

Roger Ailes, a media strategist said, “You have just 7 seconds to make a good first impression.” What impression are you leaving on people? According to Yale University psychology professor Marianne LaFrance, 90% of a first impression is based on appearance, posture, facial expressions, and tone of voice. Allison will show you ways to increase your confidence and confirm you are leaving the impression you desire.